Peace Powder – Personal Testimonial

Taylor Riley – aged 39

My journey started with this amazing product when a friend of mine introduced me and told me the wonderful things it was doing for him. I took a two month supply and ran with it as I wanted to see what it would do for me. The change might have been gradual but after about a week I started feeling less inflammation in my hips which is my problem area and had been plaguing me for the last 3 years – effecting my quality of life and all my decision making. I could not exercise like I wanted (I am a very active person by nature), my attitude was starting to catch up to me and I noticed myself riding the couch way more than I would have liked. I felt stagnant….I felt trapped.

I was ready to make a change and all my mind was saying was ‘sulforaphane'(SFN).

I was told to Google sulforaphane and health benefits. So after I started feeling better I DID start to investigate. I was stunned by all the information out there about the benefits of SFN. It was all starting to make sense. However, I did have a question…if all I had to do was eat broccoli why hadn’t I heard this before?

Also, I did eat broccoli (although recently, at best, occasionally) so why hadn’t I felt these effects before and why were people still getting sick even though they had  broccoli in their diets??

I dug deeper and found out about produce in the US nowadays.  I found out about heat and cooking your vegetables making the proprietary Peace Powder™ Revolutionary Drying Procedure a key method to administering SFN.  I found out about live enzymes and the bio-availability of Peace Powder™. Then I started hearing all the firsthand accounts of how PP not just changed but SAVED lives.

The next thing I did was quit my job and invest my life savings into helping people by supplying this product to anyone and everyone! If you know me you know I am a genuine guy and if you know me you have heard me say “there is no better feeling than helping people!!!”

Let me tell you about how I feel now… even BETTER. My energy levels are through the roof! I’m up at the crack of dawn and up till 10 or 11 at night reading not because I HAVE to because I WANT to. My sex drive is unquestionable. I feel like a teenager again.

More importantly I made the best investment…in Me. Health is irreplaceable and needs to be safeguarded because once it is gone – it is gone for good.

I invested in myself, my health, and my future.